FAQ’s – Newborn Sessions


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When do I need to book?

​Newborn sessions are ideally held between 4-10 days of age when babies still sleep for a large part of the day. Of course newborn sessions can be done after this age, however you will need to appreciate that it becomes more difficult to re-position babies without waking them, which can result in more time settling and feeding.

The advantage of photographing a slightly older baby is that their routine is a little more predictable and you will better know their most settled time of day.

You can book your newborn session with me based on your due dates and we will confirm the actual appointment once baby has arrived.

How long will my session last?

Most sessions last 2-3hrs. I want to make sure you have plenty of time to feed, change and comfort your baby without the pressure of being rushed. The best time to photograph babies is after a feed when they are ready to settle down for a sleep.

Who can come to the session?

I am happy to include siblings and other family members in the session at no extra cost, but the primary focus will be the newborn. As siblings may become bored during a long session, we can have them participate at the start or the end, so that they don’t need to be there for the entire session.

Where will the session be?

Sessions can be held in my home studio, or I am happy to bring my portable studio to your home. If you choose to have me come to your home, the ideal room would have neutral coloured walls and good natural light. If natural light is a problem, I always bring studio lighting, so please don’t worry.

Preparation for the session:

Many Mums have seen lots of newborn pictures and might have a particular style of image that they would like to include. Please feel free to let me know and I will try to accommodate. If there is a favourite toy, blanket, outfit that you would like included, bring it along. If you would like multiple outfits, make sure that you have them handy. If you would like nude photographs, please bring a warm towel or blanket to wrap baby in, so we don’t disturb baby once settled.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Despite all the best planning, people can get sick, or something may come up that occasionally means a cancellation or postponement is unavoidable. Wherever possible I need 24hrs notice of any changes to your booking. If for any reason I have to change the booking I will show you the same courtesy.

To secure your booking I require a 50% deposit. This deposit will be forfeited if you make an outright cancellation without mitigating circumstances. If you do need to reschedule due to illness, I am happy to do this, subject to availability.