FAQ’s Family Groups


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mariannabarkerphotography.com/family portraits

When do I need to book?

Please book as early a possible so that you will be more likely to get your preferred date and time. Studio photographs can be undertaken at any time of day, however outdoor sessions are best not done around midday because the sun is too harsh at that time. Earlier in the day or later will give you much nicer photographs. Morning sessions begin from 8am and afternoon sessions are typically between 3-5pm depending on the time of year.

How long will my session last?

Sessions can last from 1-2 hours depending on the number of people involved and the amount of different groups you would like.

Please be sure to discuss how many people, what groupings you would like, when we speak before your session. This will allow me to ensure that you have all the time you need. If you forget anything, you can always call me. This is about capturing your special family, so I want to ensure you get all the images you want.

What should we bring with us?

Does your son have a favourite toy truck he is never without, or does your daughter have a favourite party dress she wants to wear? Please feel free to bring it. Footballs, guitars, dolls, all add to the creativity of your images and to make your photographs more uniquely about your family.

What if I get nervous in front of the camera?

That is perfectly normal. Most of us are not supermodels who spend every day with a camera pointing at us. Sessions are fun, and I am sure that before long you will be enjoying yourself and forgetting your nerves. Don’t let nerves stop you from having your special moments captured. I know how to help you deal with nerves, you just need to bring yourself and you family along, and I will take care of the rest.

What should I wear?

While dress is a very personal matter, as a rule of thumb, dress the children in more colourful outfits with the adults in more neutral tones.

Another good idea is to match your clothes to the location. For the ladies, if you would like to wear makeup, keep it light.

What if someone gets sick on the day of the shoot or it is raining?

Despite all the best planning, people can get sick, or something may come up that occasionally means a cancellation or postponement is unavoidable. Wherever possible I need 24hrs notice of any changes to your booking. If for any reason I have to change the booking I will show you the same courtesy.

To secure your booking I require a 50% deposit. This deposit will be forfeited if you make an outright cancellation without mitigating circumstances. If you do need to reschedule due to illness, I am happy to do this, subject to availability.