Photo Shoot in LA

Those that follow my photography would know that I specialise in Portrait Photography. Being in Los Angeles provided the perfect opportunity to do a photo shoot with my son / trumpet player Josh Rogan.

We started in the gardens of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. There are many wonderful and interesting surfaces that can be incorporated into images.

Being a professional trumpet player, Josh requires images for his website and publicity. I wanted my images to capture something of how Josh fits into LA and the passion he feels for his instrument and playing. I hope you enjoy these images. Please feel free to comment and let me know what styles you like/dislike.

Marianna Barker




Published by

Marianna Barker

I am a freelance photographer, passionate about capturing life's candid moments. Whilst I love doing all types of photography, I currently specialize in Portrait and Lifestyle Photography. I live in Emerald and you can view my work through this website, which I thank you for taking the time to visit. If you have an event that needs covering, please contact me

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