Up Close and personal – Macro Photography

Snake in the Perth Zoo.

Macro photography is photography magnified.With its emphasis on detail, pattern, and texture, macro photography can yield rewarding and unique results.

Point and shoot digital cameras can have remarkable macro capabilities, but for best results you want a single-lens reflex camera. These allow you to attach special-purpose macro lens.


Your eyes don’t focus so great on really small things either. Do you try to pull your cornea a foot away from your retina? No. You stick a magnifying glass in front of your cornea. You can do the same thing for your camera’s normal lens. Unlike your cornea, it even has convenient threads for attaching a magnifying glass. The magnifying glass screws into the same place where a filter would go.

These are called supplementary lenses or close-up lenses.

The good thing about these lenses is that:

  • they don’t require any exposure corrections
  • they are cheap so you can throw a couple in your pocket in case you need them

The bad thing about these lenses is that:

  • they aren’t very high quality.
  • you have to take them on and off constantly if you are taking pictures of things at different distances.

These lenses are not commonly used by professionals, however they are a cheap way to have a lot of fun with your camera.

Ebay is a great place to look for the type of these lenses to suit your camera.

So go ahead and have a little fun next time you get out your camera and try giving macro a go.