Longing for Spring

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Last night we arrived home from a quick trip to New Zealand

For those that don’t know, my other love apart from photography is playing in a brass band.

So along with approximately 30 other players we set of to Rotorua for the National New Zealand band Championships.

The preparation for this contest is weeks of hard work learning  a hymn, test piece and an own choice.

The band was well prepared and lead by a talented conductor. We played well, but unfortunately did not receive the prize we were hoping for.

What has this got to do with Spring, I hear you ask. Well whilst we were over there it snowed in parts of Rotorua. We woke to temperatures of 0 degrees and the days reached the balmy tops of 9 degrees.

Arriving back in Melbourne last night, we learnt that Melbourne had its coldest day in 15 years. I woke up this morning and the house was freezing.

Yet despite all this cod weather, when I look out into the garden, I see the start of spring.

The bluebells under the silver birch trees are starting to pop thru the ground.

The daffodils are starting to plump, ready to burst forth and fill the air with their heady perfume.

Yes Melbourne you might be cold, but I know that spring is not to far away.


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