Days Gone By

Days gone by Version 1
Days gone by Version 2


The other day I posted a colour photo of this old abandoned truck in a field on the Ovens Highway near Myrtleford. Despite it’s rundown state it has a type of dignity about it. The long grass may have grown up about it, but sitting there you can just imagine the adventures it has seen.

Today I have been revisiting old images and trialling new finishes on them in Photoshop. I am such a fan of black and white images. To me they draw you in so that your mind creates the story, where in colour the image seems to tell you what the story is. Is anyone else as nostalgic as I am for black and white photos?

I have posted two versions tonight. Subtle differences in the finish of them. I can’t decide which I prefer. Which one do you prefer. I would love to have your feedback.



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Marianna Barker

I am a freelance photographer, passionate about capturing life's candid moments. Whilst I love doing all types of photography, I currently specialize in Portrait and Lifestyle Photography. I live in Emerald and you can view my work through this website, which I thank you for taking the time to visit. If you have an event that needs covering, please contact me

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