Lantern Festival

Belgrave Lantern Festival – Winter Solstice

The Belgrave Lantern Festival is an annual event celebrating the Winter Solstice, but more importantly it heralds the turning point and the new beginnings as we head towards. Spring.

Inspired by a community lantern parade through the streets of Lismore, local Neil Bateman set about creating something  very special in Belgrave.

How is it that living so close by I had not realised that this wonderful event had been running since 2007.

Bringing to the town a wonderful sense of inclusiveness, a community coming to gather to celebrate, the Lantern Festival is inspiring.

It was a cold night so we rugged up warmly. Finding a car park did prove a bit challenging so be prepared to walk a little, however when we got there the place was pulsing. Music, friendly chatter and above all the anticipation of the arrival of the lanterns as soon as the sky had darkened.

Small children waving light sticks or holding their own lanterns lined the streets, adults chatting with neighbours and friends, the atmosphere was convivial.

Then as the last of the sunlight disappeared, the first lantern, a huge sun, appeared around the corner.

What amazed me the most was the creativity and variety of the lanterns people had made. It is not everyday you see hens, a grand piano, the tardis and so much more, turned into lanterns.

I have included a small selection of the photos I took on the night.

This was my first visit to the Lantern Festival, but it certainly will not be my last.




Sad news for the town of Adare

Thatched cottages in the village of Adare

I heard some very sad news yesterday.

Last Saturday a large blaze broke out in the town of Adare in County Limerick, destroying a number of the beautiful thatched cottages that are a such a tourist attraction for the town.

One cottage, built in 1826 was gutted, another burnt to the ground and a third suffered serious water damage.

There are eleven thatched cottages, sitting in a row on the main street. They were originally built by the Dunraven family as staff houses.

Here is a photo that I took when we visited the town. The house in the foreground was the one that was gutted, the one beside it was destroyed.

Here is a link if anyone is interested in reading more about this very sad event.

Days Gone By

Days gone by Version 1
Days gone by Version 2


The other day I posted a colour photo of this old abandoned truck in a field on the Ovens Highway near Myrtleford. Despite it’s rundown state it has a type of dignity about it. The long grass may have grown up about it, but sitting there you can just imagine the adventures it has seen.

Today I have been revisiting old images and trialling new finishes on them in Photoshop. I am such a fan of black and white images. To me they draw you in so that your mind creates the story, where in colour the image seems to tell you what the story is. Is anyone else as nostalgic as I am for black and white photos?

I have posted two versions tonight. Subtle differences in the finish of them. I can’t decide which I prefer. Which one do you prefer. I would love to have your feedback.


A beautiful Bride and a wonderful person



I first got to know this beautiful bride when I went to her to get my nails done. She is a talented nail technician, but the reason I kept going back was that she is also a beautiful person. Over the years she has grown into a dear friend and I have built up a collection of photos of her family.
Not only did I take photos at her wedding, but I also of her beautiful daughter as a new born and for her 1st birthday.

Time goes so quickly, which is why it is so important that we capture images of those special moments, so we can enjoy them always.